Jolie-Pitt's building a private airstrip in France

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king Jolie-Pitt's building a private airstrip in France

Post by vanity-insecurity on Sat Oct 03, 2009 6:30 pm

Reports say that Hollywood celebrity Brad Pitt is planning to build
an airstrip adjacent to his luxury property in France, so that he and
his wife—Angelina Jolie—can avoid the paparazzi who ambush them in
commercial airports.
The couple, along with their six children, stay in a vacation
property in Chateau Miraval estate whenever they are in France. They
are often hounded by the paparazzi whenever they arrive and depart.
Pitt and Jolie, who has a private jet pilot license, are currently
looking over property to build a secluded airstrip around their estate.
This is a place where they can land private jets without the hassles of
the paparazzi.
Sources claim that Pitt likes privacy, and that’s what he looks for
in his estate. With Angelina’s private jet license, a private airstrip
would give the couple the freedom to come and go without paparazzi
Source: Private Jet Daily

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