Shiloh's haircut causes mayhem

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king Shiloh's haircut causes mayhem

Post by vanity-insecurity on Wed Mar 03, 2010 8:15 pm

According to the newest smutmagazine..Lies&Sellout I mean Lies&Style Angelina is turning Shiloh into a boy because she cut her hair.. I guess that means all girls & women that have short hair are boys. This tabloid mag needs a good suing!

A response to this craziness:

Put Her In A Dress And Heels—STAT!
2010 March 3

by Girl C

Why, oh why, are we choosing to give any semblance of credence to Life & Style magazine—pretty much the bottom of the barrel of celebrity gossip drivel and the opposite of all things journalism?

Because this cover is just too annoying to ignore.
OMG, Shiloh (beautiful child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) has a short haircut! And are those…pants??? THE HORROR! Get Suri Cruise’s stylists over here immediately and give this little girl a lesson in inappropriate-for-the-weather sleeveless dresses, no outerwear, and kitten heels for 3-year-olds.
Let’s be honest here—I think everyone in the world has that inner moment of “Awww” when we see an adorable
little girl in a cute little dress with pigtails. Some of these tiny clothes made for baby and toddler girls are too cute to even describe in words. And I should know—between my boyfriend and myself, we have 5
nieces (and 3 nephews) and more on the way. I’ve spent more time in children’s clothing stores in the last couple of years than any other person I know in my age bracket and I’ve squealed and giggled like the
best of them at the doll-sized raincoats, satin dresses, and bathing suits.

And there is generally a pretty specific set of standards when it comes to clothing for little boys and girls. The girls get the dresses and skirts and leggings and ruffly sweaters. The boys get the argyle, button-up shirts, and corduroy pants. Even when you see jeans for little girls, they generally have flower decals on them or some
sort of pink racing stripe down the sides that ease our minds and hearts as it assures us that “Yes, these pair of pants are definitely for your little girl.”

It’s not as though little boys and girls choose to wear these specific outfits when they’re 1 and 2 years old.
You think your 1-year-old son really wants to wear a button-up? All of these outfits merely satisfy our desire to see our kids as miniature versions of ourselves. I’m a woman and I wear dresses so naturally I want to see my little girl in adorable little dresses as well.

And nothing’s wrong with that. Little girls have been wearing dresses since beginning of time and there’s no reason to insist that should change anytime in the near future. However, as I’ve noticed personally,
when a little girl hits that 3-ish age, they’ve already developed this amazing personality that’s all their own. They have certain foods they like, colors, TV shows, etc. My 3-year-old niece loves Disney princesses, the color pink, and baking with her aunt (and I’m all-too-happy to oblige), among other things. And to be honest, her mom
(my sister) isn’t even entirely sure where those interests came from.
In fact, my sister didn’t want to encourage her to like princesses or play dress-up at all—but she didn’t discourage it either.

And that’s really the main point here. Kids are going to like a variety of things and not all of those things are going to be something you necessarily encouraged. So, why is it that when a little girl likes dresses and dolls and princesses we “Aww!” and pat her on the head, but when she likes wearing pants and playing sports, we get concerned?

I don’t know Shiloh personally or her parents nor do I have any clue what their parenting is like. However, I do know that at 3-years-old, Shiloh is perfectly capable of expressing the types of clothing she likes to
wear and even how she wants her hair to look. So what if she prefers wearing pants and having a short haircut?? I hated dolls as a little girl (much to my mother’s dismay) and preferred to play with Ninja Turtles and I turned out just fine, if I do say so myself.

I assume we’re not going to give up on our crazy obsession with celebrity children anytime soon but maybe we could stop pushing our pre-conceived notions on tiny children? Just because we’re desperate to see Shiloh
grow up into the most gorgeous princess in all of the land because of her two genetically-gifted parents doesn’t mean we have to to turn into villagers with pitchforks when she denies us this by wearing pants and having short hair as a toddler.

We should be encouraging little girls to express themselves and their individuality however it turns out, because this is the age where they can be fully and freely themselves. Three year olds don’t worry about what other people think about them (besides seeking the normal approval from their parents and loved ones, of course). They don’t know how to be self-conscious—but shit like this cover story insinuates that they should be self-conscious. Thank god Shiloh can’t read yet.

This kind of article only succeeds in perpetuating the scrutiny our society places on women—except it’s even worse this time because they’re extending it to toddler aged girls. One can only hope that the dying magazine industry will seek to claim another victim in Life & Style ::Crosses fingers::

Now please excuse me—my other niece Angelina (how appropriate) is running around in pants (for the third day in a row!), short hair, sneakers and playing with a soccer ball. I must put an end to this immediately.


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