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Jolie leaves a press junket on Friday (July 9) in
Washington, D.C.
The 35-year-old actress (in an Elizabeth and James Elizabeth Blazer) spoke to the
press about her new movie, Salt at D.C.’s
Ang covers Parade magazine’s
latest issue, and the mag released more excerpts from her interview
today on! Here’s what she had to
On avoiding the dangers of the movie business:
“There are many people we’ve seen lost in this business because other
people haven’t stopped to make sure they’re OK, you know? People are
aware when others are breaking, but in this town they don’t tend to stop
and help them. In the end, it costs a life. Part of the sadness in this
business is that there are a lot of people in it looking for approval
and love. I’m lucky because I was raised with so much love that I can
take a lot of knocks and not take anything personally.”

On her opinion of religion: “I respect all religions. What I
don’t respect is when people use religion to attack others. I’ve met
people across the world, in the middle of nowhere, who are just trying
to survive and all they have is religion. In some way it helps them, and
I wouldn’t take it away from them. There are also people who use it to
hate and kill. I don’t consider them religious people.”
On what her children are being taught to believe: “Brad
and I are raising our children to respect everyone. We have a bookshelf
in the house that has the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, everything. We
will take our children to church, temple, Buddhist ceremonies, Mosques,
teaching them about all faiths. Whatever religion they choose, the
choice will be theirs.”
FYI: Angie is wearing Ferragamo cream
leather shoes with gold metal heels.
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