Angelina Jolie: We are able to 'get around' paparazzi

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king Angelina Jolie: We are able to 'get around' paparazzi

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 07, 2010 2:34 pm

Angelina Jolie: We are able to 'get around' paparazzi

Brad 'n' Angie hit the red carpet last night in chilly NYC for the premiere of her new movie, The Tourist.

Angelina Jolie told Matt Lauer in an interview this morning on Today that she took manners classes for the movie for her role as a socialite.

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"I'm not completely clumsy or gross, but ... (the character) takes her time with everything. I'm an American! I do 10 things before breakfast."

Matt asked about photographers hounding her in Venice. "We got around them. ... We were sneaking out in decoy boats." She added, "It takes a little prep, but we do maneuver through all that stuff."

As for why she and Brad and the gang are so hounded, she said she didn't know. "I don't find myself that interesting in that way. ... I wear the same thing every day. I don't go out. ... It's a weird time right now where there's just so much of all of that for everybody.... I just assume the older I get, the more it will go away."

What is she thankful for this holiday season? "We are all healthy right now. ... And that have this time. We have this life together that we get to explore. We get to laugh and learn. We have that warm love that makes life worth living."

What does she want her kids to say about their childhood? "They were loved and encouraged to be who they are and not pushed into something that they're not. ... Hopefully, they''ll be the strong, beautiful individuals that they are today and be happy in their lives, be fulfilled in their lives and be living their lives honestly."

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